The Gigs 
When & Where


May 19    Private Party - Adel - 7PM
Jun 14    Johnston Green Days - 6PM
Jun 29    Snus Hill Winery - 6:30PM
July 08   Jordan Creek Live- WDM - 5PM
July 14    Iowa Tap Room Moonlight Ride - 8PM
July 21    Old Settlers Day - St. Charles - 8PM
Aug 24    Penoach Winery - Adel - 7PM
Aug 26    Snus Hill Winery - 2PM
Calendar 2018

For booking information contact Matt Terronez at 515-318-8489

“The band sounded great and the music was fun to hear.  When you go after the 60's and 70's genre, the availability of great songs is endless.  When you were doing the three part vocals, the harmony was very, very good.” - Stan E.